Замер объекта

1. Measurements of premises;

2. Creating a General Measurement Sheet.

Planning solution.

1. Execution of options for drawings of a planning solution based on a technical assignment. Coordination of planning solutions with the client;

2. Possible changes and approval of planning solutions.

Interior collage

This is a combination of images of finishing materials, furniture elements, lamps, decor, characterizing the style of the future interior.

Execution of working drawings.

1. Electrical layout plan (placement of lamps,switches, sockets, etc.);

2. Plan with fixtures and switches bindings, sockets, table with elevation marks of communication pins;

3. Floor plan. Floor layout scheme, schematic indication of materials, floor marks. Explication of flooring areas with dimensions, indicating the limitation of the laying contour;

4. Ceiling plan with references, indicating the level of ceilings, explications of the areas of finishing materials;

5. Sectional ceilings (joints of structural elements) of necessity;

6. Plumbing equipment layout plan with references as needed;

7. Tile layout schemes (floor, walls);

8. Wall sweeps as needed;

9. List of finishing materials (indication of finishing materials, used in flooring, walls, ceilings). Calculation of floor surface areas, walls, ceilings.

Detailed visualization of the overall interior concept in 3ds Max.

Visualization, giving an idea of ​​the appearance of the interior, with the image of the materials used in the decoration, furniture and decor items, recommended for use in project implementation.

Information support.

1. Preparation of commercial offers based on statements;

2. Selection of applicants for supplies and contracts;

3. Formation of specifications based on statements;

4. Consulting on issues, related to the implementation of the project verbally through telephone communications, WhatsApp, etc

Author's supervision.

1. Departure around the city of Krasnodar (day). Selection of specific finishing materials, pieces of furniture, decor, lighting fixtures, necessary to bring the project to life

2. Periodically, before each stage of work, at the initiative of the customer or (contracting organization, performing finishing work) an examination is carried out for the conformity of the contract work on the design project.  If necessary, site visits in g. Novorossiysk (in quantity 5 departures.)

Information support of the project is included in the cost of design work.

Project cost from 2000 rub / sq.. m.